We have all heard the news lately, folks.

Yes, yes, Google is launching a social network of their own called "Google+" which looks to rival Facebook and take over the social networking world.

I have seen countless pictures (mostly humorous) of Google+ looking way way better than Facebook will ever be. Google+ has already launched and has some exclusive invites for people all over the world to try it out.

I got invited and I decided to check it out, and I'm impressed. Unlike Facebook, you can put people in "circles" and categorize where you want to put your friends, without anyone seeing it!

You can also video chat and a bunch of other things. And it's not even at it's best yet and not even totally public for the world. This is truly going to be special, in my opinion.

I like Google+, but right now Facebook will have to stay as my main social network since really I have no friends who have Google+ right now anyways.

But can it live up to expectations?

It has the features Facebook doesn't and it can really take control over social media.

We'll see what happens, but Google+ looks like a keeper!


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