Who else could it be? This team has the most potential out of the three teams we've looked at in the West. After giving the Lakers all they could handle in 2010, the next year they tried (like the Blazers, Lakers, and eventually the Heat) to beat the Mavericks. What's pretty cool about the Thunder is they have fallen against the eventual champs and have looked good doing it. They have some guy named Kevin Durant and a great scoring sidekick in Russell Westbrook. Their mid-season trade with the Boston Celtics got them what may be the last piece of the puzzle. Kendrick Perkins has just the right toughness and championship experience to lead this young and once too small team to finally grab the crown. And this next year I think they may finally get over the hump; or at least get to the finals.

Like I said, they have potential. Their roster is full of youth and athletic ability. James Harden, Serge Ibaka, and Thabo Sefalosha, are solid players and will need to be consistent if the Thunder want to win it all. Especially Harden. As good as he has been, it seems like he could be better. Right now, it looks like he could be a great 6th man (Jamal Crawford, Manu Ginobili) with the scoring punches he brings. But he can most certainly be the third best player on this team. And if that happens, this team will be in an even better position to win. Perkins will need to stay healthy and out of foul trouble too. As we saw with the Celtics, he's an important factor.

Now that we've seen the Western teams, it's time to move on to the East. Next time we'll look at the top three teams from the East that have the best chance at winning the NBA title.


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