All the talk in the NFL is surrounding players faking injuries. The league has said they will punish players that are caught faking. Deon Grant played his macho card as to why he wouldn't fake one. I believe some teams might do it to save their team a timeout.

Former NFL head coach Tony Dungy has been pretty opinionated since he's been out of the game. During an interview on the Dan Patrick Show, Dungy was asked if he ever had a player fake an injury. Of course the answer was no but he did have something to say about who were the kings of faking injuries.

"No I've never done that but in the time I was coaching in Indy we saw it quite a bit, we really did," Dungy said. "It's a tactic that is used, it's part of what's happening now in the NFL and it's really tough to prove. We sent in a lot of tapes to the league and it never could get resolved so just kind of have to go with the flow and know that it's going to happen."

"The biggest offenders we saw were the Houston Texans. We played them twice a year, our players knew the defensive line coach there, they knew the signal for faking an injury," he said. "Chad Bratzke would always tell me, 'Here it comes. Guy's gonna fall down right now.'

"And that's what would happen and, you know, they'd catch their breath or whatever and get the substitutions in, you'd send it in to the league and say, 'Hey, this guy was never contacted on the play, let's look at it. The trainer's out there for three or four minutes working on him.'

"But it really is hard to tell. And how can you say when a guy really is hurt and when he isn't? Miraculously, though, they all seem to come back into the game."

Instead of stewing about it then, maybe Dungy should've went public with those allegations. I know that isn't his style and it wouldnt've went over too good, but that might've been the only way that it could've been resolved. Don't come out now that you're a member of the media and bring it up.   


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