Fox Sports sued the Dodgers late Tuesday due to the proposed television rights sale that owner Frank McCourt claimed is his solution to break away from bankruptcy.

Just recently, Fox Sports Net West requested for a Delaware bankruptcy judge to turn down proposed sales of the Dodgers' television rights, after the team have breached their current cable deal. A few months ago, Major League Baseball vowed not to unanimously agree on any television deal that would allow McCourt to maintain ownership of the Dodgers.

Baseball wants the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to force the sale of the Dodgers. For a long time, the sport has tried to give McCourt the boot, begging him to sale the team for losing control financially. He sat back and never tried to auction the franchise for his own good and even the fans, surrounded by all of these angry supporters asking him to dismiss himself of the ownership duties.

The Dodgers asked to postpone the hearing in regards of selling the team on Tuesday, which would be cancelled from Oct. 12 until at least Dec. 11. Until then, the status of the team's ownership will remain in limbo, and can even have a faulty impact on free-agency. On Tuesday, Dodgers' players received memos, reading that all current and former players have been paid amid the bankruptcy case, and the union is expected to oversee the expenses spent during the winter.

Fox contains exclusive rights for negotiations through November 2012, and can match offers under that contract, which gives the network the leverage over the franchise marred by the ordeal. In addition to that, the lawsuit claims that the Dodgers provided private broadcast rights information of that violated the current deal.

The attorneys representing MLB commissioner Bud Selig asked the judge last week to dismiss the Dodgers from exclusive rights to find another strategy that would order the league to file its own plan.

The call extends further until McCourt sells the team, becoming a distraction more than a remedy for the personal financial issues that continues to punish the Dodgers. The league attorneys roughly claimed McCourt caused damage and relied on the Chapter 11 case in attempt to rectify his financial problems, which doomed the franchise mentally and financially.


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