Apparently Jeff George feels he still has some unfinished business in the NFL. George was the former number one pick in the 1990 NFL Draft by the Indianapolis Colts.

George, who resides in Indianapolis, is still politicking for a job in the NFL. George last played in the NFL in 2001 with the Washington Redskins told Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times that "he could pick up the Colts offense in a matter of days".

Ok Jeff, just like you picked up the Raiders offense back in '97. George probably still has a cannon for an arm and probably could still play today. But he was such a headcase and malcontent he was seemingly blackballed. Ok let me rephrase that. No team in their right mind would give him a shot.

Especially when it looks like the Colts have a legitimate shot at winning the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.


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