The talks of LeBron James of being an NFL football player started stirring up, as far as I remember, just a few years ago when the then-Cavaliers superstar (now Heat, obviously) starred in a State Farm commercial as a football player for the Cleveland Browns, featuring his 6'8" stature blocking a kick at one point in the video.

After that, things went as far that ESPN even made an article about if King James played in the NFL.

But with the NBA lockout still going on, maybe James can have a shot playing in the NFL. Just a few weeks ago, James was spotted practicing with a high school football team...in full-out shoulder-pads.

As you may know, James was a star wide receiver in his high school days, but chose the path of basketball for his future. But maybe James can in fact have the best of both worlds, tweeting to ESPN's NFL analyst, John Clayton, this:

LeBron causes stir on Twitter after asking about NFL free agency

Now, obviously, James has to be joking with the tweet. But I would love it if James would have some action on the football field. However, it's a huge risk and who knows what kind of injuries he could get from the gridiron, a place where he hasn't been on with full contact for probably a decade!

But, hey, it would be cool. I mean, maybe he can help the Cowboys with all the "choking" problems. Or revive himself with Cleveland to play for the Browns. Or help out my Colts in the secondary; whatever could work!

Anyways, I don't think it's going to happen.

But if you want it to happen, you got Madden 12 sitting right in front of you, so create a player and make it happen. Things are always good with your imagination.


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