The Dallas Cowboys fans may be getting frustrated and even desperate given the inconsistent performances turned in by their star QB, but they’re not alone in despair. They’re still marginally better off than the Philadelphia Eagles for instance, whose Dream Team has managed to produce an abysmal 1-3 start. The Eagles dropped no fewer than 3 straight games after a promising start, and the latest one of those defeats came after a 20 point second half lead was blown against the 49ers.

Michael Vick has already switched to PR damage control mode, and even though it wasn’t he who started the whole “Dream Team” talk, he is trying hard to end it these days. According to Vick, nobody in the locker room is happy about the situation, and everyone feels like the Dream Team thing is over. What they need to do now is to focus on each game, one at a time and try climb out of the hole they had managed to dig. Can the Eagles turn things around? They will certainly get a chance against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Another team in a similar squeeze is the Minnesota Vikings. Things are certainly not going well for the winless Vikings, for whom the Donovan McNabb experiment appears to be backfiring big time. These guys have gone 0-4 in their first 4 games, so it doesn’t even make sense to talk about a panic meter in their case. One can simply stick a fork in them: they’re done for the season, no rake rebate or credits left.

The New York Jets have their own woes too: Gang Green has started out the season 2-2 despite all the Super Bowl guarantees and hype generated by Coach Rex Ryan. Ryan’s act is becoming an old one though, and as it falls flat on its face season after season, fans are probably prepared for disappointments these days.


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