In the past I've been critical of Miami Heat forward LeBron James. Mostly because of the clouded judgement which many sports fans have viewed him with since he signed with the Heat. I didn't have a dislike of James because he signed with Miami, it's just the way he did it.

Since then his game has been scrutnized. Since James has become part of the 'big 3' in Miami, everyone has talked about how he disappears in the fourth quarter or how he defers to Dwayne Wade or passes to a lesser player for a key shot. You know what I think? I think everyone needs to lay off of James and just let him play his game.

I've never seen a player having an MVP type season get picked on so much for what he doesn't do. Everyone wants James to take over in key moments. He has to a certain extent in his career. But James has always looked to make his teammates better. That's just how he is. He was like that in his first NBA game and he is now. He is clearly the most talented player on the court so there are many who view James as a disappointment sometimes.

I don't view him as a disappointment. I view him as a player that wants his teammates to shine just as much as he does. When he came into the league, I saw that in his game. He played a little like Magic Johnson, always looking for his teammates. I also saw that he didn't have a killer instinct. It just wasn't in his makeup. But he is so supremely talented that it doesn't matter.

I get tired of hearing about how he passes to his teammates at key junctures of the game. Like against the Atlanta Hawks Friday night he passed off to Udonis Haslem for the game winner. Haslem missed the shot and James was criticized yet again. Think about it, maybe Haslem had an easier shot than the one he might've taken. Haslem was the open man, but if James takes the shot and misses then you'd hear how he fails in the clutch. No one was criticizing Michael Jordan for passing to John Paxson in the Finals. Paxson nailed the shot,  but everyone would've said it was Paxson's fault for not making the shot rather than Jordan passed up a game winner.

Look at James for what he is. A one of a kind basketball player. A player that is so much better than everyone but looks to get everyone involved. A team player. He'll never be the cold blooded assassin type player. He leaves that role to Wade. Just let James play his game and watch how good he truly is instead of dissecting his every move and picking him apart.

Written by Chris Edwards, Reporter

I love to talk sports.Just a fan that blogs about what goes on in the world of sports. Everyone feel free to discuss their take on what's going on.
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