By Josh Dhani
Founder, Senior Writer

The Philadelphia 76ers had a great season last year, managing to get into the playoffs as the seventh seed. However, they had a tough time against the Miami Heat, ultimately losing in five games in the first round.

This year, the Sixers will be the eighth seed and will now face the Chicago Bulls instead.

Philadelphia wingman Evan Turner said recently that he would rather face the Bulls than the Heat in the playoffs, saying that his team matches up better with them. However, Turner received a lot of criticism for the comment and he wanted to clear up his statements.

Turner says he meant no disrespect:

"What I said was looking back at the past two years matching up against teams, we had a tougher time against the Heat," Turner said. "That's all I said. If I had to choose, we match up better against the Bulls.

"Obviously, the Bulls are one of the best teams in the East and one of the best teams in the NBA. I'm not taking anything away from them. I would never do that. When I heard what was written, 'What?' I wouldn't sit there and say anything like that. How many minutes do I play? How big a role will I have (in the playoffs)? Why would I run my mouth?"

Obviously, I can see where Turner is coming from because the Sixers obviously do match-up better against Chicago than Miami. Against the Bulls, they would probably win one or two games. Against Miami? They'd be lucky to win one.

We'll see how things turn out next week when the playoffs actually start.

However, with Turner's comment, he's got Derrick Rose and the Bulls hungry.


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