The Indianapolis Colts look like they are set on which quarterback they will take as the No. 1 pick of the NFL Draft in a couple of weeks. Jim Irsay is still trying to evaluate Robert Griffin III, as it is still possible that the Colts owner may in fact surprise us all and draft him, just like what he did a decade ago when picked Edgerrin James over Ricky Williams (which turned out successful).

However, all signs point to that they will most likely pick Andrew Luck. With that, the Washington Redskins will draft RGIII, then. So the first two picks of the draft are now set. What about the third, which is held by the Minnesota Vikings? Basically, everyone has been saying that they're locked in with Matt Kalil for the pick.

However, that may be wrong now, as Irsay wrote on Twitter that Minnesota could in fact be set on going for Texas A&M QB, Ryan Tannehill:

[blackbirdpie url="https://twitter.com/#!/JimIrsay/status/190115531808972800"]

Could the Vikings really go after Tannehill? It doesn't seem right to me, as they are still trying to work with Christian Ponder, whom they drafted in the first round last year. Picking up Tannehill, in my opinion, seems like a waste.

However, Irsay did mention that a team could trade for the No. 3 pick if they really want Tanehill that badly. Some teams that have been rumored of interest are the Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, and Seattle Seahawks.

This draft news is now starting to get even more interesting now.


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