Despite his fantastic career playing basketball, Isiah Thomas' time coaching the game hasn't gone so swell in that direction.

After disastrous seasons with the New York Knicks and recently being fired from FIU for a 26-65 record, Thomas hopes for a return in coaching in the NBA or college again.

Thomas also served as a GM for the Toronto Raptors along with coaching the Indiana Pacers.

"I definitely want to be in basketball again whether it be coaching or as a general manager," Thomas told Scott Powers of ESPN Chicago. "My gift is basketball. I would love working with the kids. If it's the right college program, I would consider it. If it's the right GM job or coaching job in the NBA, I would consider it. I love the game. I just want to be in the game."

Thomas has been in rumors to return to the Knicks since he is good friends with owner James Dolan. However, Mike Woodson has told reporters that he doesn't plan on bringing in the former Detroit Pistons Hall-of-Fame point guard.

Thomas hasn't discussed about returning to the organization.

"I have great friends in the organization," Thomas said. "A lot of them I gave them their first job opportunities in the NBA. The owner and I have a very good relationship. It's an organization I will always root for and will always want them to do well because they're all personal friends of mine."

Thomas still has options open, as he is willing to be a coach or GM for any team out there.

"I'm like everyone else, I keep my options open," Thomas said. "My mom always said don't burn any bridges. I followed her advice. It would have to be the right option and right place."

Thomas also discussed about the NBA and NCAA.

"They're both rewarding," he said. "In college, you can catch the kids at a young age. You get to shape and mold them with a bond as a family. You really have a chance to talk about their education, help them grow and mature and see them jump off the diving board and into the pool and swim, so to speak.

"In the NBA, you don't get to deal with players at that level. It's really a business. You have to do more or less straddle the line and deal with the emotions of players."

It'll be interesting to see where Thomas will go and if he will be signed.

Josh Dhani is the founder of FootBasket. He also contributes at Hoops Authority and Eight Points Nine Seconds. You can read more about him at his website. Follow him on Twitter @joshdhani.


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