During the Cleveland Browns pre-season opener last week, head coach Pat Shurmur ruled that wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi suffered a concussion.

Massaquoi would later respond on Twitter that he did not have one, with the 47-year-old Shurmur replying that he doesn't like Twitter.

Massaquoi, 25, says that his coach may just be "too old" to get social networking, anyways.

“Tweeting is a new-age thing,” Massaquoi told Cleveland.com. “Pat’s a little older, so he doesn’t really understand it. But we’re gonna keep certain things in house as far as Twitter goes. We’re not gonna give any game plans or anything like that or give too many updates which may hinder something that we’re trying to do.”

Massaquoi, anyways, says that he is fine.

“I feel great, always felt great, never developed a symptom or anything,” Massaquoi said. “Everything that was done was strictly precautionary because of the type of the hit, the way that the hit looked. So I’m excited just to play right now, and now we’re gonna keep moving forward.”

We'll see what Shurmur does, though, and if he actually decides to get a Twitter or not and see what his young receiver is up to.

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