Tom Pennington/Getty Images
Talk of an 18-game NFL season died down after the new collective bargaining agreement was signed last off-season.

With talks heating up about the fans and players disdain for so many preseason games and commissioner Roger Goodell wanting to take out two of those games, there are still some owners who wouldn’t mind an 18-game season.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is one of those owners who wouldn’t mind an 18-game NFL season.

“We really talked about it a lot in the negotiations with the players. The league had the right to do that with the consent of the players. Over the last television contracts, we all agreed that we would all agree to expand it if we did go to 18 and two preseason games. I’m for that," Jones told Fox Sports.

“As far as the NFL is concerned, I think it’s a real positive. We want to show how good the NFL and this new CBA, or labor agreement, how we’re doing relative to injury. That’s a factor here. Do you get more chance of injury in 18 games than you do in 16 regular season games with four preseason games.”

I’m not sure you’ll ever get coaches and players to actually agree to the scheduling format. The preseason allow coaches to work on schemes and to assess their rosters.

An 18-game regular season adds to more regular games of wear and tear on the player’s body. We all know the only true benefit is in the owners bank accounts.

Glenn Erby is a NFL writer for FootBasket. He also owns the NFL blog, Tha Cover 2. You can read more about him over there. Follow him on Twitter @thacover2.


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