By Josh Dhani

The opening Sunday to the 2013 NFL season has got off to a great start. Here are some highlights from the early, 1:00 p.m. ET games.

To start off, here's Carolina Panthers defensive end Frank Alexander punching a Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman. This later got him suspended:
carolina-player-ejected-2Next, here is a bonehead move by Tennessee Titans returner Darius Reynaud trying to take a touchback. However, his foot was over the line, so it ended up resulting in a safety. Yep, the first two points on the scoreboard of the Steelers-Titans game was from a safety. Luckily for Tennessee, they ended up winning, 16-9. 
Next, Adrian Peterson reminds us why he's still MVP as he turns his first carry of the 2013 NFL season into a 78-yard touchdown:

Meanwhile, Troy Polamalu has the fastest sack in NFL history:

Detroit Lions running back Joique Bell scores a touchdown, which was initially ruled as a fumble as he lost the ball. Referees reviewed it and called it a touchdown, which was the right move.

During the Bears-Bengals game, Chicago tight end Martellus Bennett catches a crazy touchdown pass:
Then you got Ndamukong Suh being Ndamukong Suh, taking out a Minnesota Vikings offensive tackle on an interception return, costing the Detroit Lions a touchdown:
And then there is Terrelle Pryor, who had one hell of a game for himself against the Indianapolis Colts. Pryor almost single-handedly gave the Oakland Raiders a win. At least the man earned himself the starting job. Here's Pryor knocking out a linesman on a run, though: 
Speaking of his running, Pryor broke the Raiders team record for the most rushing yards by a QB in a game. Speaking of Terrelle Pryor as a whole, here was his vicious stiff arm on Colts safety LaRon Landry:

Here's Reggie Bush bursting for a 77-yard touchdown, a friendly reminder that means Reggie Bush is very fast, too:
Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Tyson Jackson may need to learn to tighten up his pants or something:
Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Lavonte David costs the Bucs a win over the New York Jets with this late hit on Geno Smith. After the play, the Jets ended up hitting a game-winning field goal to make it 18-17.
Vontaze Burfict of the Bengals lays a vicious hit on Matt Forte that is a helmet-to-helmet one:
Then there's Dashon Goldon's two big hits:

And finally, despite the Jets winning, you got to have some LOLs. Here's Geno Smith trying to call a timeout before the two-minute morning. 

Enjoy the evening games!


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