jr smith vince carter headband

It appears that JR Smith likes to mess around when it comes to players on the Dallas Mavericks roster. After untying Shawn Marion's laces earlier in the season (which led to a $50,000 fine), Smith did a crazy antic again when he decided to tug Vince Carter's headband during the New York Knicks' loss to the Mavs on Monday night.


Smith spoke to ESPN New York about the incident, saying it was an illusion what people saw, even though the video replay clearly shows the Knicks guard tugging Carter's headband.

"No, your eyes were playing tricks on you. You're reaching for that one. I (already) got fined once for that shit."

Smith could get fined again, even if it was in harmless fun. As shown in the video, Carter laughed when it happened, but it doesn't look like the NBA will.

If they fine Smith $50,000 just for untying someone's laces, you could probably expect the same for tugging someone's headband. Then again, Adam Silver is the new commissioner, so he may give Smith some leeway. Maybe not, though.


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