Kevin Durant July 2014

Kevin Durant has no time for hypebeasts.

Durant took to Twitter to explain when some fan of his tried asking KD to sign his sneakers so he could resell them.

Take a look:


This guy actually told me that after I sign a pair of my shoes for him that he was gonna sell them for 500. Not cool bro. Lol I kno u c this

KD then did this:


Durant also defended himself for not signing the person's sneakers:


The apparent "reseller" also came out of nowhere to defend himself by tweeting at Durant (pic via TSG):

He has since deleted the tweet.

Tip: if you're going to want a guy like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, KD or Kanye West to sign your sneakers, make sure you aren't telling them right in their damn face that you just want their autograph so you could sell them.

KD obviously wasn't pleased.


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