Kevin Durant July 2014

Trevor Ariza not re-signing and instead going to the Houston Rockets might be a blessing in disguise for the Washington Wizards.  It appears that Washington is banking on seeing a homecoming from an NBA superstar much like what the Cleveland Cavaliers received from LeBron James.

Oklahoma City Thunder superstar small forward Kevin Durant is a D.C. native, and it appears the Wizards are going all-out for KD when he becomes a free agent in 2016. With that said, they're prepping two years early so they can save cap space to make this dream possible.

Ariza not re-signing and Paul Pierce signing a two-year deal sets the plan out for the Wizards, according to CSN Washington:

Trevor Ariza left for $8 million per year to the Houston Rockets, which is surprising to some in receiving a four-year deal. The reason the Wizards passed? Persons with knowledge of the situation told CSNwashington.com that he wanted $10 million and the Wizards wouldn’t budge because they have an eye toward 2016 free agency and wanted to keep flexibility with the salary cap. In other words, Kevin Durant.

This is no joke either. The Wizards are reportedly very serious about this.

But make no mistake, this isn’t conjecture anymore. It’s real. The hiring of David Adkins, who coached Durant in high school, from the University of Maryland’s women’s team as assistant coach to player development for the Wizards this past week isn’t a coincidence.

The building blocks are being put in place now. Ariza is off the books and Porter, who is playing on a rookie scale contract, is a much cheaper option. Nene, who will make $26 million for the next two seasons, will be off the books as well.

Who knew that this tweet we made could actually become a reality in 2016?


It would be hilarious if KD did an essay like that. However, the current signs are that he will stay in OKC with the Thunder, since they provide him the best chance to win a championship.

Then again, a lot of things can change two years from now, so don't count the Wizards out. We'll just have to see what happens when Durant becomes a free agent.


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