Brandon Marshall November 2014

Don't mess with Brandon Marshall.

The Chicago Bears star wide receiver is in the middle of 3-6 disappointing season with his team, and it doesn't help when he has to deal with trolls on Twitter.

One tough guy decided to challenge B-Marsh when writing rude comments to him on his Instagram. Marshall saw it and challenged the person to a fight:



Obviously, Marshall would wreck this dude, but the troll was still acting tough. He said to up the fight to $25,000, and Marshall agreed:


Marshall also said that the troll has to apologize to his mother for calling her a whore:


The troll didn't respond, but Marshall kept asking him the thousand-dollar question:


According to Sports Illustrated, Marshall eventually got an answer. The fan said he would only do it if the Bears win three more games. Based off how they have played this year, they'd be lucky to get five.

Since then, the guy has made his account private. Essentially, he backed out. Though it'll never happen, it would be nice to see Marshall give it a swing or two at this dude's head.


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