Lil B vs Kevin Durant Photoshop

Lil B has been the ultimate troll for reigning NBA MVP Kevin Durant, and it really seems like his Based God Curse on the Oklahoma City Thunder star is legit.

Just kidding, but it does make sense ... kinda. KD has yet to win a ring since the rapper placed his "curse," and there's always been something meme-able and embarrassing to come from KD since then.

The Based God will continue that if the Thunder manage to get the eighth seed for the NBA Playoffs. Right now, they're placed at 10th in the Western Conference. If they are able to get the eighth, they'll likely face the No. 1 Golden State Warriors.

Lil B reps the Bay, and says he will be at the games if OKC does come to town in April. In addition, he will try to distract and troll KD as much as possible.

"I'm there," he said, via Warriors World. "I'm buying tickets. I'm there…I'm that kryptonite. The streets know."

Lil B, in the Warriors World podcast, also talks about making a song about Stephen Curry and comparing his basketball game to Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawton. The whole podcast can be listened to here.

Let's hope that Thunder vs Warriors matchup happens.

(H/T Complex)


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