Penny Hardaway Wearing Sharpie foamposites

Penny Hardaway gave his fans and sneakerheads a treat on Saturday night during the Shooting Stars Competition when he brought out the Nike Air Foamposite One "Sharpie."

If you aren't familiar with the history behind the "Sharpie" Foams, here you go:

For those that aren't up on their b-ball history, when Hardaway was set to rock his Foams, there was a possibility that the NBA would fine him since the shoes didn't fully adhere to the league's uniform policy. As most of you know now, that policy is pretty much gone now, but back then, they were fairly strict, see MJ and his Air Jordan Is. Anyway, to make sure he was in compliance with league rules, Hardaway took a Sharpie to his Foams and the rest is history.

The last time Penny rocked a pair of unreleased Foams during NBA All-Star Weekend, they ended up releasing (example: The Shooting Stars Foams).

Given that he wore these on Saturday night, I would not be shocked if we are in for a release of the "Sharpie" Foamposites sometime soon.



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