Peyton Manning Tom Brady AFC Championship 2014

While everyone is claiming Tom Brady to be the GOAT quarterback, former NFL QB Tim Hasselbeck said to quiet down the noise. Hasselbeck says that Denver Broncos star Peyton Manning still holds the career edge.

“As somebody who played at the quarterback position in the NFL, at a time that both of those guys were playing, nobody’s changed the game more than Peyton Manning or changed the way that that position is played more than Peyton Manning,” Hasselbeck said. “And from my experience as a quarterback in the NFL, that’s a fact.

“Also what I said was when you look at wins and losses, especially in the postseason, there are so many other factors that dictate who wins and loses the game. It’s such a team environment, so … I just don’t think it does the careers justice for any of these quarterbacks to try to narrow it down to just what happens in these postseason games.”

Hasselbeck says that Manning's playoff record shouldn't dictate his greatness, considering the situation he has been in during those losses compared to Brady's playoff success.

“Peyton Manning has won a Super Bowl, he’s achieved things that most quarterbacks aren’t able to ever achieve,” Hasselbeck said. “He’s going to own basically every passing record that exists. So you ask me whose career I would rather have, based on that and how I explained to you he changed the game of football from an offensive perspective, that was my answer.”

I personally think Manning is the better QB, but Brady has definitely accomplished more, obviously, when it comes to the hardware. Four rings is crazy.

For me, in no order, it's Manning, Montana and Brady as the top 3 QBs. I'll go on the record and say Manning is the GOAT, in my opinion.

Everyone has their opinion on who the greatest quarterback of all time is. Some say Brady is the GOAT, others say Cool Joe. Some even say Dan Marino, while others call John Elway and Johnny Unitas.

Everyone has their own opinion about who the GOAT QB is. And personally, there is no true, undisputed GOAT quarterback in the NFL. You just can't pick one.

It's not like the NBA where Michael Jordan is the clear cut GOAT. The only person you can say is the GOAT when it comes to the NFL is Jerry Rice. Other than that, it's hard to argue when it comes to the others.

I'll just stick with what everyone else should do anyways: stop comparing and appreciate the greatness.


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