I’m not sure if it’s based off a return to the playoffs, succeeding off Sports Betting Tips or if things always stayed the same, but the rabid fan base in Dallas reigns supreme once again.

An Emory University study has declared that the Cowboys have the “best” fans in the NFL.

Their methods for determining the ultimate fandom are sure to be questioned, but the authors say their use of a series of hard data “focused on market outcomes like attendance, prices or revenues” make it legit.

In terms of the nuts and bolts of what we are about to present, we use fifteen years of data on NFL team performance, ticket prices, market populations, median incomes, won-loss records and multiple other factors. We create statistical models of box office revenue, and then see which teams over- and under- perform the model’s predictions.

The next four best fan bases, according to the study, are those of the New England Patriots, New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets. The bottom four are the are the Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins.

I’m shocked at how low the Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks fans came in as well.

Full list below:

By Glenn Erby


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