The New York Jets have a new regime, new coach and a different perspective on silly off the field stunts.

According to TMZ, several Jets players are reportedly disgusted at Richardson street racing at speeds of 143 MPH, with a young kid and loaded gun in the car.

We spoke with multiple starters from the Jets who tell us they’re well aware of the allegations against Richardson — that cops say he was clocked at 143 mph in his Bentley on July 14th with a 12-year-old kid and a gun in the car.

“He shouldn’t be back on the team,” one NY player tells us … “It’s disgusting to think he’d do something like that with a kid in the car.”

Another starting player tells us, “I’m very disappointed in what he did. I have kids, I can’t even imagine doing what he did.”

Richardson is already suspended four games for weed, and will likely be subject to further discipline from the league over his highway shenanigans.

By Glenn Erby


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