Jim McMahon has always been an outspoken person, and a bad experience with Bill Belichick has the former Chicago Bears great steaming mad some 20 years later.

During an interview with “The Dan Patrick Show” on Friday, McMahon was asked his thoughts on the DeflateGate scandal and the honesty of some involved.

That led to a story about the time the New England Patriots coach lied to him.

“I know he’s a liar,” McMahon said. “Cheating ain’t far behind, I would think.

“I was with Bill in Cleveland in 1995 and he lied right to my face, so I never trusted him after that. All this stuff that happens, I’m sure he’s right in the middle of it.”

McMahon went on to detail his move to Cleveland, assuming he had a roster spot with the Browns before being waived.

“In ’95 all (the Browns) had was Vinny Testaverde and they had just drafted a kid out of Georgia,” McMahon said. “(Belichick) told me they were gonna have to release me after training camp and I said, ‘That’s fine.’ I really wanted to be in Cleveland. He said, ‘No, no we really want you here. We’re gonna take care of you. You might have to sit out one or two weeks.’

“He said they were gonna pay me. I ended up sitting out seven weeks and I still haven’t gotten paid. I told him, ‘Look, don’t screw me around. If I’m gonna be here I have my family here, I have to find a hockey team for my sons.’ There’s a lot going on. I wouldn’t have moved to Cleveland just to move to Cleveland."

McMahon ended up signing with the Packers, playing in one game before walking away from the game.

By Glenn Erby


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