Darryl Sydor, a former NHL defenseman and current assistant coach for the Minnesota Wild, was charged with drunk driving and child endangerment after he was arrested with a blood alcohol level of .30.

To make matters worse, Sydor was driving his 12-year-old to the child’s hockey game.

According to the Star Tribune, another driver called the police after Sydor started driving erratically.

A citizen called police to report a possible drunken driver on Highway 65 NE, and police observed Sydor displaying “erratic behavior” such as swerving and making wide turns, Monsrud said.

When stopped, police noticed Sydor had bloodshot, watery eyes and “slow, slurred speech,” Monsrud said.

The former NHL standout, who lives in Woodbury, had difficulty finding his driver’s license in his wallet and passed by it several times after police requested it, Monsrud said.

Sydor admitted to being an alcoholic and entered into rehab last summer. According to the reports, cops made sure his son made it to the game on time.

By Glenn Erby


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