As a diehard NBA basketball fan, a bucket list item of mine is to attend an All-Star Weekend once in my life. I am from Indianapolis, Indiana, and the last time my city hosted was back in 1985. 

I was born in 1997, unfortunately. However, the NBA announced several years ago that Indianapolis would be a host city. It was originally slated for 2020 or 2021 but was pushed back to 2024 due to COVID. 

Since it had been almost 40 years since Indy hosted these festivities, I did not want to miss out on the chance of going. Who knows? I'll probably be 60 years old the next time Indy may host, or they may never host again. 

Unfortunately for many non-Indy residents who attended, Friday brought in a snowstorm. However, the Celebrity Game and Rising Stars game was mad entertaining. The Tip-Off concert on Thursday night was popping too, with T-Pain performing.

Of course, the Indianapolis airport had a whole basketball court in the middle. The city did its thing with hosting, even with the cold weather. They had tunnels over and underground that let fans avoid dealing with snow. 

Indy has been known to be solid in hosting sporting events already, such as March Madness, the Final Four, the Super Bowl in 2012, the College Football Playoff and National Championship, the NFL Draft Scouting Combine, and more. 

They definitely did an amazing job hosting this year. The ads and decorations all over the city were magnificent, and it made me proud to be from here and be a Hoosier. As they say, in 49 states it's just basketball—BUT THIS IS INDIANA! 

It was great seeing Indiana basketball legends put on for the city and show off the important basketball culture built in this state, such as Oscar Robertson, Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, and more. 

It was also cool to see Indy area legends and celebrities come through and represent the city, such as Mike Epps, Babyface, Pat McAfee, and others. 

Seeing other celebs and athletes like Stephen A. Smith, Taylor Rooks, Jamal Crawford, Shaq, Funny Marco, 50 Cent, Chris Tucker, Fat Joe, and others, on top of the 24 NBA superstars and other players was surreal as well. 

While there were people who complained about Indy as the host city or some of the events (many complained about the Dunk Contest and All-Star Game), I did not fully feel the same way. Having the luxury to see all 3 days in person made it feel really special. 

The NBA also did their thing with the Crossover event at the Convention Center. Circle Centre Mall and other venues around the city had great stuff going to commemorate this special weekend. 

Also, seeing my favorite team's players put on and represent was great too. Bennedict Mathurin balled out and took home MVP in the Rising Stars game. Tyrese Haliburton was MVP and the star of the whole weekend, and he should have gotten the MVP for Sunday's game too. 

Overall, I think Indiana proved itself and did its thing. It was definitely one of the most fun weekends I have ever had in my life. It is something I won't ever forget! 

Thank you Indy, and thank you to the NBA, Herb Simon, and the Indiana Pacers for putting on a show! 


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