The demise of Lil Wayne may have been a little premature. Wayne recently announced during a recent concert that he is part of the Roc Nation crew.

During a recent sit down with Skip Bayless on the “UNDISPUTED," he gave more details.

“Jay is just a good guy man. It was nothing but a simple thing, just friend-to-friend, ‘I just want to help you.’ That’s all it was. ‘I just want to help you man. In any way I can.’ And right now he’s just going to help me in any way he can, and that’s just what it is.”

Asked if Jay would be getting him out of his Cash Money deal, Wayne said, “No, we haven’t done that yet. We still working on that, that’s a situation. But like I said, Jay’s just a good guy, he just wants to help me. So he’s just going to be helping me.”

-- ThaCover2


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