2023 is reaching its conclusion, and the Denver Nuggets etched their dominance into the history books. 

In light of the Larry O'Brien Trophy procession through the streets of Colorado over the past eleven months, and with an all-new 2023-24 NBA season underway, we have reflected on the finest and drama-filled moments of that time.

Portland Screws Lillard 

Damian Lillard was informed of his new destination on September 29, shortly after 11 a.m. PST. Lillard was gobsmacked.

Since July, the Portland Trail Blazers had declined to negotiate with the Miami Heat, the team that Lillard had specified as his ideal destination in his July 1 trade request with the Blazers.

Portland made it plain to the media that it would accept any offer for Lillard, not just one from Miami. Aaron Goodwin, Lillard's agent, communicated to other teams that the forward would not be satisfied with a trade to any team besides Miami from Portland.

Unfortunately for him, things didn’t go down as planned. 

The Heat maintain that they were never afforded a valid opportunity to negotiate. They had the impression that Portland allowed emotions to interfere with business throughout the process. It had, according to Lillard's camp, become personal.

Behaving Bad: Ja Morant  

In May, the Memphis Grizzlies suspended Ja Morant for an Instagram live-streamed social media video in which he appeared to be brandishing a firearm.

For the second occasion in less than three months, Morant was spotted carrying what appeared to be a weapon on Instagram. The initial incident resulted in an eight-game NBA suspension imposed in March, costing Morant $669k in salary.

He didn’t learn a lesson and obviously didn’t care about the potential “backlash” from the league.

The NBA issued a statement announcing Morant's 25-game suspension with "certain conditions" for his subsequent return following the second drama-filled, gun-brandishing moment. 

Still, it did not elaborate on anything that was already apparent. By displaying a firearm during an Instagram Live in May, he continued the conduct that resulted in his eight-game suspension in March.

The sport of pro basketball is a fan-favorite for regular wagers on the spread, totals, or future championship winners, but would you use your BetMGM Bonus Code on Ja Morant wielding a gun once more if the line was available? 

With the stupidity he’s displayed thus far, I would. 

Draymond Green Stomps on Sabonis 

Who could possibly forget Draymond Green's numerous altercations with the Warriors over the last two seasons? 

It all began with a dispute between Green and teammate Poole during a warm-up at the end of 2022; Green struck Poole directly in the face following the conflict. A suspension would not accomplish their goals, so the Dubs swiftly swept it under the rug.

Green was brewing a drama-filled 2023, and he delivered; months later, during the playoffs, it was speculated that he had purposely stomped on the torso of Domantas Sabonis of the Kings.

This year, Green wasn’t the only player involved in a commotion. Rudy Gobert and Kyle Anderson of the Minnesota Timberwolves were forced to be separated in the stands following a minor altercation.

The Drama Doesn’t Stop: Lakers-Celtics

Drama in the manner of soap opera is in high demand. Thankfully, no scarcity has materialized thus far this season.

Recall the start of the year when Eric Lewis officiated an intense drama between the LA Lakers and the Celtics. The subsequent events were genuinely among the most controversial of the entire year.

In the game's closing moments, Lewis failed to notice a glaring infraction committed by Tatum against James. As a result, the LA talisman could do nothing but weep on the court, helpless as his squad was deprived of a crucial victory.

Patrick Beverley, a teammate of James's, was so enraged on James's behalf that he hurriedly exited the court, retrieved a camera, and returned with it to demonstrate to Lewis where he had erred.

Although he did earn a technical for his endeavors, that does not conclude this narrative. 

Lewis would be the subject of an investigation months later on suspicion of establishing a burner account on Twitter, where he purportedly defended himself and other officials against online criticism.

An additional concern arose regarding whether he and his family were Celtics supporters, thereby further complicating the matter.


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