Buying a gift for someone who loves soccer? There are many different soccer-themed gifts to choose from. 

Below are just a few fantastic options.

A Good Quality Ball

Soccer balls are a simple gift for anyone who loves soccer. Don’t just settle for a cheap ball though - paying a little extra will guarantee a ball that’s good quality. 

You can usually tell a ball is good quality because stitching won’t be visible and it will tend to have a matte textured finish rather than a glossy smooth surface. 

Be wary that balls come in different sizes and different levels of hardness (smaller and softer balls are better for young kids).

A Target Net

Target nets are a great gift for any soccer player looking to improve their accuracy. As the name suggests, these nets have a range of targets on them to aim for—which may include rings or small nets for kicking the ball through. 

Some of these are easily collapsible, so you can take them down when not in use to save space or take them to the park with you for practice.

Shin Guards

Shin guards help to protect players' legs from injury. They are particularly important for new players and those who play in defense. 

Shin guards need to be the right size and should be of good quality to ensure durability and comfort. Thicker shin guards are recommended for novice players (most kids’ shin guards are quite thick anyway). 

A Foosball Table

Foosball (also known as table football) is a fun game that kids and adults can enjoy alike. Some are made for outdoor use, while others are designed for indoor use. 

If your recipient has enough space for one of these tables, it could be a very fun gift. There are small and cheaper tabletop versions, which could be a better option for kids and those with smaller homes. 

A Club Jersey

A soccer club jersey could be another great gift for an avid soccer fan. Consider which club they support and look online to see what jerseys you can buy. National club jerseys are also popular. 

You can buy club jerseys made from authentic materials that players wear, or replicas (which tend to be cheaper). Make sure that you know the recipient’s size (especially if you’re buying an authentic shirt).

A Soccer History Book

For those interested in the history of the sport, why not buy a book that delves into the history? There are books that delve into the history of specific clubs and players, and those that offer a more general history. 

Some are aimed at adults and offer an in-depth detailed history, while others are aimed at kids and are presented in a more fun style. 


Another great gift for soccer-loving bookworms could be an autobiography. Many famous players have released autobiographies over the years from Pele to Thierry Henry. Check out this guide that lists some of the best soccer autobiographies

A Club Hat & Scarf

When it comes to club merch, hats and scarves are some of the most popular options. They’re cheaper than a jersey and come in many different styles. 

They are particularly great as a winter gift. You can buy hats and scarves directly from the club website or from other sports merch sites. 

A soccer ball lamp

Soccer ball overhead lampshades are popular gifts for kids to decorate their bedrooms with. You can also buy tabletop lamps in the shape of footballs (including mood lamps that glow all kinds of different colors). 

Some of these plug into a socket while others are battery-operated. You can explore different lamp options online. 

Club Coasters

Soccer-themed drink coasters are ideal if you’re looking for a cheap gift. You can buy coasters with different club logos on, them and even personalized coasters.

If the person you’re buying for has a home bar, you could also consider looking into soccer-themed bar runners. 

A Club Water Bottle

It’s also possible to buy water bottles with soccer team logos printed on the side. This includes kids’ water bottles, which they can take to soccer practice. 

Soccer-themed water bottles come in all kinds of styles and can be made from different materials ranging from plastic to steel. Take the time to compare different styles. 

A Soccer-Themed Towel

Towels with soccer team logos on them are also an option. You can also buy towels with soccer balls or players on. This includes beach towels and bath towels. There are plenty of soccer-themed towels aimed at kids.

Club Gym Bag

Gym bags are another accessory that you could look into. You can buy soccer-themed gym bags for kids with soccer balls on, or gym bags for adults with team logos on. 

On top of regular string bags, more heavy-duty bags like backpacks and duffle bags could be worth looking into. 

Soccer Top Trumps

Top Trumps are one of the most popular card games. There are a few soccer-themed Top Trumps packs that you can find online including World Soccer Stars and Stars of Women’s Soccer. These make great stocking fillers at Christmas. 

Soccer Trading Cards

A few different companies are known to produce soccer trading cards including Match, Panini, and Topps. Many of these are popular collectibles among soccer fans and rare cards of certain players can even be quite valuable. 

If you know that the person you’re buying for collect a certain type of soccer trading cards, this could be a great gift option for them. You can buy packs of 62 cards for about $10.

Season Tickets

This is a more expensive gift, but one that passionate soccer fans are certain to appreciate. Many clubs allow you to buy an annual season ticket, which gives you a free pass to all the games in that season’s tournament. 

Low league club season tickets are generally a lot cheaper than those in the higher leagues—a single game ticket may be more affordable in the latter case. You can buy season tickets online. 


Low price, available in multiple styles and colors!