A day on the golf course can be the most relaxing thing in the world. Golf is fun, you can spend some time in the sunshine, and it’s a very social game you can play with old friends while making some new ones. 

We often see golf as a classier game with a lot of rules and regulations. 

Here are a few tips about golf course etiquette that every player should know to help maintain the sport’s dignity. Plus, maintaining proper etiquette makes the game more enjoyable for everyone.

Follow the Order System

Golf is a game about taking turns. The traditional order is to allow whoever’s ball is farthest away from the hole to take their shot, even if that means mixing up the turn order somewhat. 

You always want to ensure your group stays as close together as possible. A sign of good sportsmanship is to allow the person who got their ball in the hole first to tee off at the next hole.

Drive Responsibly

Golf courses are large areas, and you may not always want to walk around. A golf cart can help you make your way through the course, whether you own one or decide to secure a rental. 

While many courses have designated paths for golf carts to follow, you may occasionally need to drive off it. 

It’s always a good idea to follow the golf cart rules of etiquette when you’re on a course, like making 90-degree turns to your destination and spending as little time as possible on the grass.

Distance & Silence

A helpful bit of golf course etiquette that every player should know is how important it is to be courteous toward other golfers. Golf is a game of concentration, so you want to remain quiet when you see another player preparing to take their swing. 

Physical distance also helps ensure you aren’t putting unnecessary pressure on other golfers. Take a few steps back and limit the conversation until the other player finishes their swing.


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