Are you thinking about buying a bicycle? 

If this is your first time purchasing a bike and you are unfamiliar with bike specifications, it can be difficult to determine which is the best model for you. Let us help with our guide to things to consider before buying a bike below!

Primary Use for the Bike

The first thing you should do before you start looking at bikes online or going to bike shops is to consider why you want a bike in the first place. 

Is this going to be a practical bike for commuting to work or around town, or is this for strolls on the weekend or trekking through mountain bike trails? 

There are so many different types of bikes that there’s practically a model for every use and every kind of person! But once you know the primary use for the bike, it’ll narrow down your options much more, and you can ask bicycle experts what they recommend.

Your Budget

Next, after deciding on the primary use for your bike, you must decide on your budget. If you’re buying a car, you’ll want to consider how much you’d like to spend before shopping for a bike. 

Knowing the primary use for the bike also makes setting the budget for your purchase easier. 

If it will be more of a hobby bike for weekend use, you probably don’t need to spend much money. If the bike will be your primary transportation for commuting or getting around town, it’d be worth a more sizable investment. 

Size & Fit of the Bike

Nobody enjoys an awkward bike ride, so the size and fit of the bike are obviously important. No matter your body shape, there’s a bike out there, as there are endless sizes and styles of bikes to choose from. First, consider the standover height of the bike and the cockpit length. 

If you slide straight off the seat, you should land with your feet firmly on the ground, and the distance between the saddle and handlebars should feel comfortable. The best way to find the ideal fit is to take a test ride before purchase.

Storage & Security 

The last thing to consider before buying a bike that is too often forgotten is where you’ll keep it and how you’ll keep it secure. Nobody wants their bike stolen, so ensure you have security measures and a safe place to store it at home or work if you’re using it to commute. 

If you live in an area with cold winters, consider the dos and don’ts of off-season bike storage. It’s important to ensure your bike is still in quality condition when you take it out of hibernation in the spring.

There’s much to think about when purchasing a bicycle, but if you follow our simple rules, we’re sure you’ll wind up with the ideal model for you!


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