The fact that he’s still one of the top passers in the game makes this revelation more remarkable.

Since his return from career-threatening neck surgeries in 2011, Peyton Manning has remained low-key in discussing how those surgeries have left him a shell of his former self.

In an interview with MMQB’s Peter King, the Denver Broncos quarterback admitted he does not have any feeling in his fingertips:

“I can’t feel anything in my fingertips. It’s crazy. I’ve talked to a doctor recently who said, 'Don’t count on the feeling coming back.' It was hard for me for about two years, because one doctor told me I could wake up any morning and it might come back. So you wake up every day thinking, 'Today’s the day!' Then it’s not.”

It explains his struggles and wobbly ball, but also increases the legend of a quarterback who has thrown for 131 touchdowns and 36 interceptions in Denver, including the record-breaking 2013 season in which Manning set the NFL record for touchdown passes (55) and yards (5,477) in a single season while winning the league’s MVP award.

By Glenn Erby


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