Amelia Rayno, the Minnesota Gophers men’s basketball reporter for the Star Tribune, is the third woman to accuse former team athletic director Norwood Teague of sexual harassment in recent days.

In her own words, Rayno details how Teague made advances to her on multiple occasions, including one time when he asked her out for a drink.

Rather than getting a much-needed source, Rayno’s describes details of Teague pinching her hip, putting his arm around her and following her out of the bar after the behavior became uncomfortable and inappropriate.

“So I agreed to have that drink,” Rayno wrote. “But this December night was different. Teague asked me about my longtime boyfriend, as he often did. My mistake was acknowledging that we had just broken up. The switch flipped. Suddenly, in a public and crowded bar, Teague tried to throw his arm around me. He poked my side. He pinched my hip. He grabbed at me. Stunned and mortified, I swatted his advances and firmly told him to stop. He didn’t.”

She said Teague’s behavior escalated.

“‘Don’t deny,’ he said, ‘our chemistry.’ I told him that he was drastically off base, that my only intention in being there was as a reporter — to which he replied: ‘You’re all strictly business? Nothing else?’ I walked out. He followed me. I hailed a cab. He followed me in, grabbing at my arm and scooting closer and closer in the dark back cabin until I was pressed against the door. I told him to stop. I told him it was not OK. He laughed. When I reached my apartment, I vomited. Later that night he texted: ‘Night strictly bitness.’ The incident wasn’t the first with Teague.”

Rayno said Teague had also sent her suggestive text messages prior to that night. The two university employees who’d previously accused Teague of sexual harassment cited similar behavior by the former athletic director.

By Glenn Erby


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