This is a mind-numbing stat that tells you so much about the icon that Michael Jordan is in retirement, and how underpaid he was as a player.

According to CBS Local, the $100 million Jordan made last year selling his Air Jordan sneakers was more than he earned during his entire playing career.

PBS published a very interesting article and infographic on the sneaker culture and its impact. They revealed that Jordan’s income last year from sneakers was greater than that of his 15 year NBA career (approximately $94 million). Not surprisingly, the $100 million made Jordan the highest paid retired athlete last year. He made more than the #2 (Arnold Palmer) and #3 (David Beckham) highest paid retired athletes combined. My question: Is any athlete ever going to catch Jordan on this list, and who would it be?

Nike sold $340 million worth of his shoes in 2014.

By Glenn Erby


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