Shawne Merriman says he had the chance to become a movie star, but didn’t want to throw the NFL under the bus in the process.

Do you believe him?

The man formerly known as "Lights Out" told TMZ Sports that he was approached to be a part of Will Smith’s “Concussion” movie, but turned it down.

The former San Diego Chargers linebacker says he’s convinced the movie is “definitely going to give the NFL a black eye” … but says he didn’t feel right jumping aboard the project.

The movie — set to come out in December — is supposed to blow the lid of an alleged NFL conspiracy to hide the debilitating life-long effects of concussions from players.

“I turned it down and said ‘No’ … I don’t want to be a part of it because I didn’t know how they were going to make it look.”

Still, Merriman says concussions are a problem among NFL vets — saying, “A lot of people have problems and the NFL should fix it .. period.”

By Glenn Erby


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