There’s trouble in paradise, and Nnamdi Asomugha hasn’t been the same since his stint with the Philadelphia Eagles a few years ago. According to Radar Online, Kerry Washington and Nnamdi are already separated, and she plans on filing for divorce in the next few months.
“Things have gotten so bad, Kerry and Nnamdi are barely talking,” a source told In Touch of the couple who welcomed their baby girl Isabel 19 months ago. “They are like two strangers living under the same roof.”

“She’s already met with her attorney to start preparing,” added the source, who also noted marriage counseling failed and the two “are pretty much separated.”
This is quite odd, because Nnamdi made a lot of money in the NFL and is not hurting financially, but reports say Washington doesn’t like that he sits around while she works 14-hour days.
Washington and Asomugha’s relationship reportedly started deteriorating just four months after their June 2013 marriage when Asomugha was kicked off the San Francisco 49ers football team.

While her 34-year-old husband never got a new job, Washington continues to pull 14-hour days on Scandal and she’s tired of watching Asomugha laze about the house. their 19-month old daughter, Isabelle.

“Nnamdi resents her,” said the source. “He believes Kerry’s the one who’s given up on their marriage.”
What was the point of Asomugha making all that money in the NFL if he’s expected to stay active just because Washington wants to play Olivia Pope?

By Glenn Erby


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