It's amazing that the Carolina Panthers went 15-1, made a Super Bowl appearance and had an MVP quarterback last season. This year was a disappointment, as they are most likely to miss the playoffs.

Cam Newton's Panthers were able to upset the Washington Redskins on Monday night to keep their playoff hopes alive, though. At 6-8, the Panthers have less than 1 percent chance to make the NFL postseason this year.

Here are nine insane things that need to happen in the next two weeks for them to make the playoffs, which includes the Redskins having to get another tie!

Here's what needs to occur in Week 16 of the season:
1. The Panthers beat the Falcons
2. The Vikings beat the Packers
3. The Saints beat the Buccaneers
4. The Redskins and Bears tie
And here's Week 17:
5. The Panthers beat the Buccaneers
6. The Bears beat the Vikings
7. The Falcons beat the Saints
8. The Giants beat the Redskins
9. The Lions beat the Packers
If Carolina pulls this off, I might have to get a tattoo of their logo. 


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