This is a pretty terrible thing to say by George Karl, and you can see why many NBA players have called him a "snake" on Twitter.

Karl revealed a lot of things in his upcoming book that is about to be published, and he did not hold back on Carmelo Anthony. Karl said what many have said about Melo: he's only about offense, doesn't care about defense, too selfish, can't lead a team,  etc.

However, it was this one excerpt in which he crossed the line, and he used that as a reason for why he did not win a ring as a head coach of the Denver Nuggets.
Karl wrote Anthony and Martin not having fathers in their lives became a detriment to their personalities.

“Kenyon and Carmelo carried two big burdens: all that money and no father to show them how to act like a man,” Karl wrote.
Carmelo's father died of cancer when the New York Knicks star was only two years old.

Karl also put blame on JR Smith's father as well:
Regarding Smith, Karl wrote that Smith’s father, Earl Sr., “urged his son to shoot the ball and keep shooting it from the very moment I put him in the game.’’
Looking forward to the responses from Melo, Kenyon and JR... 


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