Seeing that this is about Shaquille O'Neal, it does not surprise me at all that he used to do this, and he probably did this in every locker room that he was in.

Shaq's No. 32 jersey is getting retired by the Miami Heat. The Diesel was able to win a championship in South Beach back in 2006, as he and Dwyane Wade (okay, mostly D-Wade) helped lead the team to a 4-2 series win over the Dallas Mavericks.

Some former Heat players spoke about Shaq's time in Miami, and this story is pretty crazy, yet totally believable. Power forward Udonis Haslem, who's still on the Heat, says that Shaq used to always run around naked in the locker room.
"He spent some time running around the locker room naked. If you can imagine somebody 7-foot and 300 pounds running around the locker room naked, bear hugging and body slamming people. If your mind can go there."
Former teammate Alonzo Mourning confirmed the news, and explained his tactics to avoid naked Shaq.
"He knew to stay away from me, because I would have hit him in the nuts. He definitely kept it loose. Those times were comical. He would really torture the ball boys. He would grab them and jump on them, butt naked. He would grab them and roll all over the floors with them. It was hilarious."
It seems like all Shaq did was run around naked in Miami, but he was given that right by Pat Riley as everyone in the organization loved the 7-foot giant.
"He would shower a lot of the employees with gifts and things of that nature. I found him to be a person that people around here love. They love Shaq. It was a good time to be part of the Miami Heat."
Classic Shaq story.  


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