For the past few years, Nike has taken control over the month of March in which they celebrate their famous "Air Max" line. March 26 is the date of their created "Air Max Day" holiday, where they release a special-edition sneaker to the public that celebrates the brand's rich history with the line.

This month will be no different from the past few years, as they will be celebrating the Air Max 1 model this time. If you're not a fan of Air Maxes though, there are still plenty of other dope kicks releasing this month.

Jordan Brand is experimenting new things for this month, and Adidas is continuing their grind with the Ultra Boost line.

Let's take a look at the top 10 kicks to look out for in March 2017.

10. Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 "Triple Black"

If you have never tried a pair of Ultra Boosts before, then I don't know what the hell you are doing with your life right now. Adidas is already on their third version of this model, and you gotta believe me when I say that this is probably the most comfortable shoe of all time.

Adidas released a previous version of the "Triple Black" UBs towards the end of 2016, but those who missed out were able to get another chance when these were released back on March 1 for $200.

200 bones for a shoe is pretty steep, but Ultra Boosts have always ran for around that price. However, for the experience your foot feels walking on that boost material (it literally feels like you're walking on clouds), it's definitely worth the price. You really can't go wrong with an all-black shoe either.

9. Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Silver Surfer"

Are people still rocking with the Foamposites? I feel like Nike won't ever command the hype for a pair of Foams like they used to a few years ago. A comeback is definitely possible, but there hasn't been any signs with their latest releases.

This latest colorway shows a lot of signs to be another dud. Dubbed as the "Silver Surfers," this shoe is definitely going to draw some eyes towards your feet. Dropping on the 17th, these will run you $250.

Personally for me, I don't think a pair of kicks that look like they were wrapped in aluminum foil is worth that kind of price. These can work perfectly if you're trying to be the freshest Tin Man next Halloween, though.

8. Air Jordan 6 Retro "Alternate"

If you combined "Hare" 7s and "Maroon" 6s, you'd get this sneaker. First dubbed as the "Hare" 6s when images of the shoe first leaked, Jordan Brand is dubbing this as the "Alternate" colorway.

Jordan Brand has been doing an "Alternate" collection of their sneakers for the past few years, which are hypothetical sneakers Michael Jordan would have worn in his playing days. These colors are definitely reminiscent of the Chicago Bulls, and I could definitely see the GOAT himself ballin' in a pair of these (the 6s were the shoe he won his first ring in).

For me though, I don't see the point in getting these if I already have the Maroons. But for those interested, look for these to come out on March 11 for $190.

7. Air Jordan 4 Retro "Motorsports"

Let's be honest, these jawns are really just the "Fire Red" 4s with the red colors replaced with blue. Nonetheless, it's a nice looking pair of kicks, and it's perfect for any sneakerhead Colts fans out here.

Originally made exclusively for Jordan's Motorsports teams in 2006, this colorway is now releasing to the public over a decade later. Look for these to drop on the 25th for $190.

6. Air Jordan 31 Low "March Madness" PEs

We can't all be like Mike (Bow Wow somehow did), but maybe it's possible to be like a baller from one of the Jordan Brand sponsored schools. Probably not, but at least they look pretty cool.

The latest Air Jordan 31 low-tops were released in exclusive player-edition "March Madness" colorways from Georgetown, Marquette, Cal, Michigan and UNC to the public. They ran for $160 and were released on March 7. Pretty dope if you're an alumni or fan of any of the following schools.

5. Nike PG 1 "Ferocity"

Shoutout to Paul George on getting his signature shoe with the swoosh recently. It's a big deal for a player like George, who plays for a small-market franchise. It validates the talent and superstardom he currently brings and could bring for the future.

This latest colorway dubbed in all Pacers colors dropped on March 4 for the very low price of $110, the lowest out of the signature kicks in the Nike Basketball line. I also love the touch of purple on it, which raises Stroke Awareness as his mother suffered one when George was only 6 years old.

Those interested in copping PG 1s gotta act fast, though. These shoes have been flying off the shelves thanks to the look and the favorable price-point.

4. Air Jordan 4 x KAWS

I never really understood the obsession people have with KAWs, which are basically these limited-edition figurines that people like to collect. They've gotten popular enough over the years that Jordan Brand is now deciding to team up with them on a sneaker.

It's basically an all-grey suede sneaker which features Jordan and KAWS branding all throughout. It is especially evident on the back of the sneaker as well on the hangtag.

These are supposed to drop at the very end of the month, though no release date is confirmed. For some reason, they will be releasing at a premium price point of $350, although I definitely see the resell market on these being stupidly high. If you like weird toys and Jays, you're gonna love this.

3. Air Jordan 3 x Nike Air Max 1 "Atmos" Pack

The news of this pack was leaked a while ago, leaving hypebeasts around the world thirsty to grab these. After images finally leaked though, some people are disappointed. I must admit, the rumored photoshops definitely look better than the real product.

Nonetheless, these are probably still going to be limited and are going to sell out instantly. The pack being $400 isn't gonna stop people from buying them, because you know they are just gonna put them up on eBay for twice the price. You can try doing the same thing on March 18th.

2. Nike Air Max 1s

Nike is bringing it back like its 1987 with the release of two OG Nike Air Max 1 colorways. The blue and red joints released back on March 4th for $140 apiece, and OG sneakerheads definitely went ahead and got their hands on these.

There is also the return of the "Atmos Elephant" 1s, which originally released in 2006. Nike is bringing this one back for Air Max Day, so keep your eyes on open on March 26th.

1. Nike Air Max 1 Ultra 2.0 "Air Max Day"

The original release of the Air Max 1 Ultras were an instant success, and Nike is continuing the tradition for this year's Air Max Day on March 26th when they commemorate the OG red colorway of the 1s.

These, however, will actually release on March 16 for $120, just in time so you can get your pair before the actual Air Max Day. Nike knows how bad you want to stunt for the 'gram, and they're giving you an opportunity to prepare 10 days early.

Putting the "3.26" date on the tongues is a dope touch though, I'll admit that.


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