Charles Barkley recently went on a rant about NBA players resting games. LeBron James has been doing it for the past few seasons, so it was obvious it was a shot at him and several other players doing similar.

Check out his whole rant below, via the Sporting News:
"What he has done this year to will that team, playing every single night, not resting like some of these other fools are doing, resting when they’re getting paid $25 million a year to play a stupid basketball game. It’s crazy.

“[The top 10-15 players] played double-digit years in the NBA and they played in those crappy Converse shoes, they flew commercial or rode the bus or train and all of a sudden now, you got all of these idiots who use analytics and say, ‘guys need rest.’ It makes me sick to my stomach. It’s not proven anywhere these guys need rest.

"[Players now] don’t fly commercial. When I came into the NBA, we flew commercial. I wish these guys would say, ‘Hey, you know what. I’m just trying to extend my career.’ That’s what it’s about. There’s nowhere proven that a great, great player has ever hurt himself or has shortened his career. I’ve looked at all these numbers. Name me one great player in the history of basketball who didn’t play double-digit years who got hurt. Nobody did. These guys are making so much money they’re like, ‘You know what, I just want to extend my career.’ Just say you want to make money. Don’t come up with, ‘Well if you rest, it’s safer for you.’ There’s not one great player in the history of basketball whose career was ended because he rested.”
And here's just one tweet to prove his whole rant wrong:

Do you agree with Chuck?


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