With so many different forms of unscripted formats & platforms available to push out content, websites and streaming services are partnering to put out some quality content centered around high school and collegiate sports teams.

UPROXX has jumped into the fray, teaming with Hollywood producer Peter Berg to put out the powerful basketball-based docu-series, “Us Against the World.”

“Us Against The World tells a powerful, unfiltered and authentic story that’s unlike any other exclusive series we offer,” said Craig Parks, VP of Programming, Watchable.

“We love when our studio partners push the envelope, take risks and give viewers a new perspective on digital programming — and ‘Us Against the World’s’ fearless portrayal of racial tensions as they exist today does just that."

The 10-episode series follows Eastern Kentucky’s Cordia High School, where a group of athletes relocate to be led by former New York City star and NBA veteran Rodrick Rhodes.

The teens—all attempting to escape some sort of violence, dangerous neighborhoods, and war zones—have no idea they’ll encounter a war and racial divide of a different kind, including those filled with mock lynchings, racists dressed up as gorillas, and other examples of racism.

The team from Cordia attempts to find themselves, learn life lessons, and win the State Championship while battling ignorance, blatant racism, and normal pressures high school teens face.

Watch below to see how Ramon “Momo” Mercado (Junior, New York), Malik Henry (Senior, Queens), Kareem McDonald (Junior, Brooklyn), Oumar Keita (Junior, Mali, Africa) and D’Andre Reed (Freshman, Harlem) embark on this remarkable journey, while furthering opening our eyes to how divided this country truly is.


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