Sam Hinkie will probably never get enough credit for the "The Process" because of the way it was handled, but make no mistake that the former Philadelphia 76ers general manager gets major kudos for putting this band together.

76ers forward Robert Covington joined Spike Eskin and Michael Levin on The Rights To Ricky Sanchez Podcast, as the conversation shifted to Hinkie and how he impacted ‘The Process.’

Covington, 27, was an undrafted player out of Tennessee State when Hinkie signed him to a deal. Fast forward about five years later, and Convington is one of the league’s best “three-and-D” wing players. He also recently signed a four-year extension with the Sixers worth $62 million.

According to Covington, Hinkie is definitely the reason the 76ers are where bulldozing towards the playoffs.
“Everyone always said Hinkie died for our sins. It was one of those of things that I found really funny, but Hinkie did put the team in a very, very great situation. Everything he did, it got us to where we are now. If he never would have made the steps that he made, this team probably wouldn’t have been the same. So, I can understand why you guys did that because, like I said, he made a lot of major moves. And it unfolded the way that people pictured, because we have the pieces that we have now. It’s crazy just to see — everyone thought the entire moves were crazy, but as it kept unfolding, kept unfolding, people start — ‘OK, he may have been on to something.’ And now we’re here and everyone says Hinkie is the GOAT.”
Hinkie’s moves delivered Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Dario Saric, and Markelle Fultz along with Covington, guaranteeing the Sixers one of the brightest futures in the NBA. Philly currently sits at 39-30 in 6th place in the East with just 13 games remaining.


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