With the deals a lot of quarterbacks have been getting the past few years—such as Derek Carr from the Oakland Raiders or Kirk Cousins from the Minnesota Vikings—many have been wondering what kind of contract Aaron Rodgers could command.

Rodgers deserves to be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL right now, and it looks like he may finally get that honor as reports have came out that he has made progress on a new contract extension with the Green Bay Packers.

NFL Network's Ian Rapaport says there is "optimism" of a deal happening before the 2018 NFL season begins.

This is major progress after reports came out last month that there was no expectation of a deal being reached this offseason. Rodgers currently has two years left on his contract, and he is scheduled to make $19.8 million for this season.
"I think they've talked about it enough that there's an expectation something would have been done. Obviously judging by the questions here there's kind of an expectation before we started. But I'm just trusting [agent] Dave [Dunn]. That's why he's representing me, he has my best interest in mind. They're taking care of those conversations, and I'm focused on this team and being a leader," Rodgers said last week
Rodgers, 34, has talked about playing into his 40s. With his NFL-record 103.8 career rating, he could very well play until that age. It just matters if he stays healthy, as he played only seven games last year due to a collarbone injury.

With Rodgers, the Packers are easily Super Bowl contenders, or at the very least they are playoff contenders. The Packers are in the NFC, and their conference has a pretty good track record of winning the Super Bowl, at least when it comes to the host site being in a northern state.

Just ask the Philadelphia Eagles, which won their first ever Super Bowl in franchise history this past season, defeating the New England Patriots. That Super Bowl was hosted in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

NFC Super Bowl Contenders

The 2019 Super Bowl, however, will be taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, which, of course, is in the south. But with Rodgers, anything is possible. It's why he deserves whatever contract he is going to be getting.


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