School's out and summertime is here. It's time to get the kids outdoors in the warm weather for lots of fun. If you're wondering what you can do together, don't despair. There are so many activities at home or nearby to keep your little balls of energy entertained.

Role Play 

Children love to do things just like mom and dad do them. Having them help outdoors with a variety of odd jobs provides a great way to bond and for kids to learn new skills.

They can help with the gardening and use toys like a child-sized wheelbarrow and cart to haul light loads, as well as tools for raking and digging. Finish the planting process with mulch and painted rocks done by your little ones to create a truly unique look that everyone will enjoy.

Racing Fun 

Kids also enjoy speed and adventure. What better way to offer both than a kid's quad, dirt bike or an electric go-kart? All you need in a clear path or an empty lot and your children can feel like they are racing for the glory.

Beach/Lake Outing 

On a hot summer's day there no place better to be than near water. A day trip to the beach or lake will prove enjoyable for all. There's something for everyone to do.

You can set up a canopy tent, set out chairs and blankets under it, make sure everybody has applied sunscreen and let the fun begin.  At the beach kids can swim, fish, collect seashells, build sandcastles, play volleyball and even enjoy a breathtaking sunset.

Backyard Get-Together 

Summertime brings with it many family get-togethers. Aside from the terrific smell of food cooking on the barbecue, it gives everyone a chance to engage in old-fashioned fun.

Children can make bubbles, play a host of outdoor games such as bean bag toss and hide and seek. And, once the sun goes down, you can set up an outdoor movie screen and toast marshmallows over an open fire.

Get In Touch with Nature 

Parks provide the ultimate environment for exploration. Luckily, this is something most kids love to do.

Equip them with a child-sized net, a magnifying glass, and a pair of gloves. Outfit their feet in a comfortable pair of sneakers, and then turn them loose down the nature trail.

The specimens they collect can be placed into a scrapbook or saved in a memory box that will serve as a keepsake of the day's events.

After they finish the hunt, break open the picnic basket, unroll the blanket, and let everyone dig in. You can also bring kites and let the children fly them after they finish their meal.

Other Outdoor Activities 

There are so many other things children can do outdoors to keep them content all summer long. You can go for a bike ride, have a scavenger hunt, go to drive-in movies (or set up your own yard flicks) and even have a yoga class.

Kids can also create artwork with sidewalk chalk, or you can tie an old tire to a tree and viola! Instant fun.

Camping Trip 

Family time together is priceless and there's no better way to enjoy quality time than to go on a camping trip. It teaches children how to survive outdoors and to respect nature. There are streams and unchartered territory, giving them a new adventure around every corner.

Zoo/Animal Farm 

Kids love animals and going on a day trip to the zoo or an animal farm lets them get up close to many different types of animals that they don't often get to see. Many of these places also provide activities such as swan boat rides, face painting, and even camel or elephant rides.

Summertime is a great time for families to bond and have lots of fun without spending a fortune. With so many outdoor activities nearby you can make each weekend fun-filled and memorable.


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