There's nothing better than actually attending a sporting event. While television viewing is much better than just a decade ago, it still doesn't put you in the atmosphere and up close and personal with the action.

However, attending a game is quite expensive and if you have children, it can put going to a sporting event out of your financial reach. The good news is there are ways to make it more affordable.

Family Nights 

Most sporting events have certain games designed to promote family attendance and either reduce the cost of your children or provide their admission for free. This means that if you have several children and you want to attend an NBA basketball game you would only pay for you and your spouse.

Drink Beforehand 

Drinking alcoholic beverages at the game is very expensive and can empty your pockets fast. Instead, have a few drinks outside while tailgating or dine out and drink there prior to the game.

With Uber and Lyft services available just about anywhere, you can drink without the need of driving to the game and eliminate the parking fee too. Just don't forget to take your hangover supplements before you start drinking to avoid feeling ill the next day.

Eat Before Attending 

Anyone who attends games regularly already knows the drill: eat before you go. The food at the concession stands costs two to three times as much as dining out or eating at home before you go. And, if you have four or five people to feed it can run over a hundred dollars.

This will free up money to purchase a souvenir, something you'll treasure for many years. Many adults also go with a group and meet up outside in the parking lot and have a tailgating party ahead of the game. If everyone chips in for the food it will cost far less than eating inside.

Minor League 

If you want to have the experience of attending an actual sporting event but, you can't afford to go to a major league game, consider the minors. Minor league games are fun and have the same level of action as the majors, however, the cost is usually at least cut in half.

Buy Cheaper Tickets 

It's only natural that the closer you are to the field the more expensive the ticket. So, if you really want to see your favorite team play, buy tickets in the upper sections.

People usually call these seats the nosebleed section since you are up so high, however, a set of binoculars will allow you to view the field and attend the game.

Shop Around Before Buying 

Many companies sell tickets for the same game, and unbelievably they are not always priced the same. Before contacting the ticket office of the venue, go online to one of the many sites such as StubHub, Ticketmaster or CheapTickets, and shop around.

Season Ticket Holders 

A great way to go to a game for the cost of gas is to ask a season ticket holder if you can use their seats for a game they are unable to attend. A family member, a friend or even your boss may have them, and chances are good that they won't make every game.

Sometimes you can even find someone who has tickets who can't use them offering them on sites like Craig's List for a fraction of the original cost.

Preseason Games 

Preseason games are much cheaper than during the official season. However, they often put into the lineup up and coming talent, giving you a chance to see them perform ahead of the regular games.

And, while the games don't actually count, they provide much of the same action you'll find during the season.

Attending a sporting event featuring your favorite team is exciting. However, you don't have to spend a lot of money if you shop around for the best deals and eat outside the venue.


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