In what looks like one of the most exciting Finals in recent NBA history, we're seeing an impressive underdog going up against established champions, with both teams fielding some of the best players the league has seen for a long while.

Kawhi Leonard is leading the Toronto Raptors in their first-ever Finals appearance, while Stephen Curry's Golden State Warriors go in as winners of three out of the last four championships.

Here are four players to watch for during the series.

Stephen Curry

Warriors forward Kevin Durant is rightly considered one of the best basketball players in the world.

While his calf injury should have been a crushing blow to the Dubs, as it looks like he's out of the running for the rest of the season, Stephen Curry has more than stepped up to the mark, averaging 36.5 points and 8.3 rebounds per game against the Portland Trail Blazers.

In addition, he was shooting over 40 percent from the back end and averaging 7.3 assists per game. Curry is leading from the front and is a man to watch. He'll certainly be the Warriors' main offensive weapon, with Kyle Lowry covering the defense.

Curry has been named the top shooter in NBA history, and NJ Sports Betting sites are listing him as favorite to be awarded the coveted Finals MVP award.

Kawhi Leonard

Durant aside, some are claiming that Leonard is the best all-round basketball player working the pitch this season. He's certainly the NBA's No. 1 perimeter defender, and in the playoffs he's also taken the offensive in no uncertain fashion.

Leonard averaged 29.8 points per game in the Conference Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks, and he's very much the second-favorite in the MVP stakes.

Draymond Green

The third-favorite to be named MVP after the finals, Green has been a real rising star this season both on the offensive and the defensive.

The 29-year-old was named Defensive Player of the Year in 2017, but since Durant's injury Green has really come into his own as an attacker, shooting a lot more aggressively.

After recovering from a sprained toe last year, Green has come back to show why the Warriors remain the favorites to win the Finals even without KD on board.

Kyle Lowry

The veteran point guard is the only player to be kept on from the "old" Raptors squad, and for good reason.

Earning respect from every quarter, Lowry always plays to win, throwing himself into every game with pure passion and determination. His defensive skills will be the key to the Raptors' fortunes.

A Tough Call

Some are calling this Warriors lineup the best team in NBA history: not only do they have talent to spare but they're also capable of pulling together as a genuine team. Nevertheless, although the odds clearly favor the Dubs, it remains a tough call.

The Raptors real strength is in their defense, and it may be that the Warriors have underestimated how difficult the Eastern team will be to crack.

With Leonard leading the offensive, no-one can say the Raptors don't also have a solid line-up, and it's one that certainly won't go down without a fight.


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