A lot of people love sports and love to be in sports. Some of our biggest dreams involve becoming professional athletes, but there's only a small number of people who can reach that height. 

Fortunately, there are other exciting and lucrative careers available for sports lovers who aren't blessed with elite physical dexterity.

Stadium Engineer

Many people don't think about going to a school of construction management when they look at potential sports careers. You'd be surprised, however, at how many open positions there are for stadium engineers. 

It takes a lot of engineering know-how to make sure that the stadium or arena will stand up to the fans and the elements. It'll take a few years of school, but the pay you'll receive will be more than worth it.

Sports Medicine

There are several types of occupations available for doctors who want to specialize in the unique challenges that sports medicine can bring. 

Physical therapists, for example, can provide athletes with proven pain management solutions as well as help get back on their feet after a major injury. 

Sports psychologists can help keep an athlete's mental health in top condition, which can be a challenge given both the high pressure of the sport and the issues that can come from work-related head injuries. 

Both are good-paying occupations averaging at $75-85,000 a year, according to the BLS.

Sports Administration

This list of sports management degree jobs details numerous administrative career options for the sports lover. There are sports managers and administrators at all levels from high school teams to collegiate and professional sports. If you have enough experience, you could be a major league team manager or a president of baseball operations. 

If your schedule is busy, you can look at getting online sports management and administration classes from a variety of schools.

Sports Photojournalist

It's a running joke that a lot of young people are getting photography degrees, but this is an occupation where such a degree can be beneficial. You'll start small at a local newspaper or as a freelancer, but your job will be to document the game play by play. 

These action shots will be placed in local media, and if you do well enough, you can climb the ladder to working at major newspapers. You'll have to be on your feet for hours at a time, and the hours are irregular, but the pay is worth it with a BLS average of $34,070 a year.

Talent Scout

This job doesn't necessarily require years of sporting experience. Nowadays, many people with a statistician's degree can also be hired. The primary job of a sports talent scout is to take a look at athletes with an experienced eye and report these potential talents to a team. 

It is a relatively cutthroat occupation, and many scouts start out with little or even no pay. If you show unique initiative, are capable of seeing strengths and weaknesses others can't and remain persistent, then you can do well in this field.

If you can't get into professional sports or have lost the opportunity, don't give up hope. There are still plenty of positions available where you can leave your mark on the sporting world. You'll also get to make a comfortable living without many of the physical risks.


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