Things have been looking very, very good for the Brooklyn Nets since they acquired James Harden in a blockbuster trade from the Houston Rockets. The team just recorded a 124-113 overtime win over San Antonio Spurs, with Harden recording his seventh triple-double with the team.

The Nets have been on a tear with just the duo of Harden and Kyrie Irving, and will become even more dangerous once Kevin Durant returns. Irving has just one message to the league: "Get used to it." 
"We have to implement the phrase 'get used to it,'" Irving said with a smile.

It didn't faze Irving that -- according to Elias Sports Bureau research -- Harden became the first player to record 30 points, 15 assists and at least 10 rebounds with zero turnovers since individual turnovers were first tracked in 1977-78. Harden finished with 14 rebounds on the night.

"When James is being James," Irving said, "it makes our job a lot easier. And so we got to get used to somebody special like that, things like that in terms of breaking records. So, I can't wait to be right alongside of him, my name in Nets history -- and all the guys on our team where we're just breaking records as a team, and then individually we're stacking up with some of the best to ever play."
It's a warning to the NBA, and the league is definitely on notice. Contenders in the Western Conference such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, and Utah Jazz definitely have their eyes on Brooklyn if they expect to make it to the Finals.

The Nets will face the Rockets soon, and expect The Beard to go off against his former team. As the Nets continue to gain chemistry and work together, they can be a force to be reckoned with come playoff time. 
"We hear all the talk about us not being a very good defensive team," Harden said. "We're picking that up, and we're finding ways to get better."

The Nets have one game remaining before the All-Star break -- against the Houston Rockets on Wednesday. It will also be the first time Harden faces off against his former team.

"We're excited to play basketball, go back to where James had a great career," Irving said. "Looking forward to the experience, looking forward to having fun. It's going to be highly competitive, a lot of great players, no animosity on the court: Just greatness on display."

Irving added: "Everybody at home, enjoy the game, there will be no tension and no s--- -talking going on, on the court or about James in my presence or anybody else's presence. So we're coming to Houston, to enjoy the game of basketball and play it at a high level on behalf of James and the rest of the guys, because we know it's a special night regardless."


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