This kid has a great business going on if he just kept it private and his mouth shut. He had the perfect plug with his mom being the Vice President of Nike North America, allowing him to likely get almost access to exclusive access to Nikes and Jordans sold. 

Joe Herbert was making six-figures per month, but he wanted the clout more. Now he got caught and got his mom ousted from her awesome job at Nike. To be a woman and make that high up the food chain in a mail-dominated sector, and to have to quit for this reason—that sucks. 
Ann Hebert, Nike's vice president and general manager of North America, has left the company after 25 years following a Bloomberg Businessweek report on a prolific reseller know as “West Coast Joe.” The piece alleged that Joe Herbert, the Nike exec's 19-year-old son, had used a credit card in her name to purchase sneakers and flip them with a sizeable markup.

According to an internal letter, Hebert decided to step down on Monday, four days after the Bloomberg piece was published. Nike forbids its employees from participating in reselling; however, the company insisted it was aware of her son’s business in 2018 and said she hadn’t violated any company policy.

Ann Hebert had been promoted eight months ago into a role where she led sales, marketing, merchandising, and other departments. According to the report, Herbert's 19-year-old son insisted that his mother "was so high up at Nike as to be removed from what he does and that he’d never received inside information such as discount codes from her." However, soon after their conversation about his connection to the Nike VP, Joe Herbert "cut off communication."

The piece, titled "Sneakerheads Have Turned Jordans and Yeezys Into a Bona Fide Asset Class," describes Joe Herbert as a college dropout who exploited "a buy-low opportunity" created by the pandemic to generate around $600,000 on the resell market. Given his proximity to Nike's upper management, readers questioned the integrity of his operation.

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